About Us

Mishri Shikshan Prasarak Mandal provide affordable education to all aspiring students.

We have innovative student programs, dynamic curriculum and a great team of mentors. With our vision of empowering students to excel in academic careers we have established a solid infrastructure.

An institution where students are motivated through educational programs and extracurricular activities is a pioneer project where every student willing to opt higher education can be an active part at reasonable cost.

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About Society

The Society Mishri Shikshan Parasarak Mandal was established on 18th Jan 1991, in the name of Guru MISHRI LAL JI MARASAB. The Society has taken keen interest in developing he weaker section, the tribal people, Industrials laborer and agriculture classes by starting many educational Industrial around Aurangabad.

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Chairmans Words

Education is the fundamental right of everyone. We have come with a solid foundation where students can excel in the stream of their choices and endeavor in their academic journey.

We mentor our students to fulfill their dreams by shaping their skills. We have a motivated team of faculty member that guide our students to make most of the opportunities. Our main motto is making education affordable to everyone at our institution. We are glad to build such an infrastructure and procure the best faculty members. Shaping and encouraging young minds to excel in their life is a huge responsibility and teamwork. We are well equipped and all set for it.

Evolution is a part of life, explained very well by Darwin, those who can adapt will move ahead successfully, those who can't change or adapt per the situations will extinct eventually, Survival of the fittest!! We have embrace the new changes, modern techniques different paths to lead a healthy and successful life. We get prepared for all these factors by educating ourselves. Nowadays education system has commercialized with so many options available around and money driven projects where the basic purpose of educating everyone is lost. Even though every lane in the major cities might have colleges opened; the quality and standards are not maintained. If there are all the facilities and well organized infrastructure available, the fee is a main concern there. Not all students from different financial backgrounds can afford these colleges.

This is where the dream project of us began to take the shape. We wanted to create such a platform where students will be encouraged and guided with the help of mentors to explore their skills, learn, lead and succeed in their educational journey. At the same time providing them a healthy environment to expand their horizons with the sense of security. Making the college experience at affordable price with no compromise in quality was our main motto.

With the immense pleasure. I welcome you the Mishri Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

Smt. Hemlata Prakash Mugdiya

Our Mission

‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.’ – Nelson Mandela

Education is the utmost factor in life. Globalization has opened many doors of opportunities for the students to choose any stream of education they want to excel. Unlike old times we do have many options available today for studies.

But how do we make a right choice?

How many of the students aiming higher studies can opt for it due to the ‘fees” factor?

It is our strong belief that each student should get equal amount of opportunities to grow and lead a successful life. Our institute is built up for the same purpose in mind with a social cause of making each individual able to embark on their intellectual journey irrespective of their financial status. An educational journey under one roof where system is not biased even though the fees is affordable. We have provided all the facilities and programs for the students.

High standard libraries, resourceful libraries, spacious classrooms with projectors etc are the few of the facilities we have provided with no compromise of quality.

Making education affordable to Impoverished students was our basic motto here. Students won’t hesitate to opt for any programs due to financial reasons. Our mission is to provide affordable education with all the facilities and brilliant student programs. It’s our dream project based on the sheer purpose of enabling students choosing the right path and help them achieve their goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help new generations optimizing their skills, making right choices and leading them to excel in their chosen streams, no matter what obstacle come their way; making students strong enough to overcome them.

Our vision is to build the new generation strong and capable to succeed in life come what may, to keep going.

Our institute will set the standard in the society for providing affordable education with the better quality of infrastructure.

An institute where students will go through the trans-formative journey making them face the modern world with great enthusiasm, practical approach and principles.

Introducing programs that help students excel and understand in communication skills, general knowledge, global awareness, Our vision plus mission is the ultimate solution for the better future of the students with outstanding infrastructure.